Blackbull International is an Executive Search Consultancy, based in Frankfurt Germany and specialising in international executive search across EMEA.  We deliver a personal headhunting service and are your partner of choice when fulfilling leading or critical positions. We understand that an effective management team is an essential key for every organization and our job is to be dedicated to finding our clients the right personalities, who are as unique and distinctive as you, our clients.


A successful selection at the executive level starts with a search of top performers, who match our clients individual corporate requirements for professional, intellectual, and social competence.

Client briefing and specifications

In the beginning, there is a briefing by the client which provides an overall picture based on specific questions from our consultants.

Market and data research

A list of target companies serves as a foundation. In parallel, candidates in our database are assessed according to your particular requirements.

Candidate approach

The next step is a direct approach with potential candidates following a thorough evaluation of their qualifications and motives for changing their job.

Interviews/confidential report

During personal candidate interviews, the primary focus will be on the evaluation of their professional, intellectual and social expertise. Afterwards, the client is given a confidential report on prospective candidates.

Presentation of candidates

The presentation of candidates is assisted and moderated by us. The procedure is prepared thoroughly in order to have several meetings in one day for comparison purposes.

Integration assistance

On request, we will assist during the training phase of the selected candidate ensuring his smooth integration into the new work environment.


Organizations increasingly demand spontaneity. Interim management is the ideal solution in cases of fixed-terms employments of experts, for example within the scope of projects or for bridging a vacancy.

Client briefing and specifications

In the beginning, there is the briefing by the client which forms an overall picture based on specific questions by our consultants. In order to ensure a target-oriented procedure, ability to act, and time limitation of an interim management project, the order clarification is crucial.

Immediate approach & presentation

We have access to an exclusive pool of highly qualified experts, and we contact them immediately in order to find out their availability. You are provided with a list of three to five of the most suitable candidates for evaluation purposes and for a subsequent job interview.

Personal Interviews & Start

You may receive first proposals for suitable interim managers within 24 hours. This means that an applicant can be ready to be on-site and work for you latest within 72 hours.


Our industry experts are devoted to helping boards and CEOs make sense of changes and creating leadership, succession and development strategies to seize the opportunities and avoid the pitfalls:


The topics of globalization, the digitalization of automation and (de-) regulation combined with ever-changing client and consumer demands are evolving the marketplace, making it increasingly complex for the Industrial and Automotive organisations.  These influences create new challenges for the industry and will substantially change it in the future. No organization can escape these competitive and client-specific challenges and new business models will arise like the organizational structures which increase the expectation levels towards management. To manage this change requires people that create visions, are able to implement strategies, using today’s considerable possibilities and master significant challenges.

Financial Services

The banking sector is currently undergoing radical changes. More stringent regulations, lower yields in investment banking, increasing equity ratios and weaker economic growth require an adjustment in corporate strategy. In view of the above, top industry managers must have proven skills in previously less relevant different fields of expertise.

Blackbull International understands this dynamic and complex market. We are side by side with banks, savings banks and insurance companies as well as asset management and real estate companies. Highly specialized consultants with many years of experience provide proactive knowledge of current developments in each personnel market.

Consumer/ Retail

The requirements of consumers in times of economic change are becoming more sophisticated and unpredictable. Distributors and consumer goods companies are constantly looking for new products, services and business models crossing the boundaries between industries and thus whetting the appetite of consumers. At the same time, distributors are currently experiencing higher pressure on their yields. They must consistently evaluate their expenses and look for new ways to increase profits.

These kinds of factors mean big challenges for the management of organizations resulting in increasing global competition for the best executives.

Not only are the best in the industry faced with thi, but also most medium-size companies that we provide with advisory support in order to gain top managers.

Blackbull International works for companies of different sizes and staffs different positions at different executive levels.

Life Science / Healthcare

The global demand for health care is increasing rapidly as well as the expectation towards national health care systems. The costs for medical care and for healthcare will soon reach unbearable levels and they will increase excessively in proportion to economic growth rates. At the same time, new scientific insights and new technologies will change existing forms of therapy. But also the behavior of patients will change under this influence which leads to new business models including marketing strategies. Decreasing sales revenues and higher cost pressure resulting from the digital transformation in anticipation of increasing quality with costs declining, client relationships as well as proven business models are questioned.

The advances of life sciences and of medical research constantly expand the knowledge of life sciences. The former boundaries between medical-technical, pharmaceutical and biotechnological organizations will be broken through and will create new challenges for you. These advances will promote an approximation within the traditional health care system, its sectors and players. In order to survive in this environment and be able to manage upcoming tasks, it requires the right kind of executive.



The consultants in our functional practices help our clients build strong leadership teams to navigate new challenges:

Chief Marketing Officer

The chief marketing officer works in an environment that is characterized by rapidity and competitiveness. It is one of the leading decision-making positions in most organizations. The responsibility is high as the CMO, besides strategic decisions, is fundamentally involved in embedding the brand and the associated products in the heads of their customers while contributing significantly to the company’s success.

Legal, Compliance & Regulatory

Successful legal & compliance managers are no longer just a contact person in legal matters but also a strategic consultant in most companies. They communicate with specialist divisions, develop guidelines and provide advice in staffing key positions. A successful compliance manager recommends improvements and initiates change management processes, ensures observance of regulatory requirements and bundles all forms of communication and reporting.

Chief Executive Officer

When it comes to staffing a CEO position, one should not focus inwards and outwards but rather on the future. There is no other executive position with a larger influence on the success of a company than the one of the CEO.

The challenge when staffing this important position is to anticipate the future corporate strategy and to find an individual with the necessary leadership skills and competences to achieve pre-set goals validated by verifiable successes and the capability to accomplish even more.

Chief Financial Officer

Today’s requirements for a CFO are huge. He must deliver a considerable range of capabilities and skills – operational, strategic and visionary. The best CFOs are dynamic executives creating visions and establishing a strong cooperative partnership which simplifies the collaboration but equally fulfills their fiduciary obligations independently and objectively.

Human Resources

In times of financial crisis and demographic change, companies must thoroughly rethink their personnel planning. Qualified employees are a valuable asset. Human resource departments should not only manage this, but also use it most effectively. We are specialized in staffing  HR executive and expert positions. Our clients are medium-size and large companies from every industry. Because of our extensive consulting and search experience with different industries and HR organizations, we know the specific requirements for HR professionals. We will find suitable candidates for your company.


In times of constant change, values defining good human relationships are especially crucial. For the execution of our search requests, we are using modern means and methods of communicating with people while following a traditional and proven approach of addressing them.


In order to protect our clients and candidates, discretion is our top priority when it comes to search orders. We do not place ads or publicize any of our search orders. We always approach candidates directly. Any information regarding our clients or documents of candidates are forwarded only after prior consultation.


A respectful contact with each other is the foundation for every business interaction. Our clients and our candidates are treated for what they are: humans. A trusting cooperation also involves open and honest communication. Our goal is an ongoing dialog at eye level between all participants


Long-term cooperation with clients and candidates is the basis for a trusting relationship. Ultimately, everyone benefits from this the same way. The better we know our clients, the better it is for our candidates and the better we can respond to individual requirements while being a helpful partner. Together we can create a successful future for organizations, together we will lay the foundation for outstanding careers.